A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

Dare to Dream BIG!

...why limit yourself?!

There are countless reasons that people give for not signing up with a trainer; by far the most frequent is, "I'm just too busy right now". On the flip-side to that, the single most common reason for people failing with their fitness resolutions is accountability, or lack of it.

X-Life Online addresses these two major limitations by tailoring your program to YOU, around your unique circumstances.

Whether you prefer more frequent, shorter, easier-to-fit-in sessions or fewer, longer sessions in a week; or maybe you need more specific attention - perhaps due to recovering from injury - no worries! We can devise the perfect program for you. We'll also keep you at it, via two-way smartphone communication, regular check-ins and individual results tracking. Online training is certainly easier for you, but you get SO much more when compared to traditional training:

  • Cost Efficiency - less face-to-face = lower cost & higher value to you
  • Flexible Location & Schedule - train where & when suits YOU, not your PT's diary
  • Private & Bespoke - train in the privacy of your own home with a tailored-to-you program
  • Constant Contact - two-way communication via smartphone app, email & regular check-ins
  • Limitless Support - no waiting until the next gym session to ask questions or advice
  • Progress tracking - Stats, repetitions, weights, times...everything is online, so it's easier to track
  • Customisable & Progressive - your program evolves with you, at your speed
  • YOU decide when & how to train - always get the right appointment for your schedule

...And Don't Forget:

Behind X-Life Online is a person, just like you! These programs aren't simply a set of follow-along videos. They are SPECIALIST programs individually designed for YOU by an action-sports conditioning pro, not a PT pretending to understand the demands of these highly unique experiences!

X-Life Online

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It’s so easy to fit in the HIIT workouts and the mobility and flexibility workouts are really useful. Even working full time as a vet this summer I’ve been able to find the time. In particular it is so ski specific which is what many other PT's can’t do as effectively as this program.

Helen Wood Veterinary Surgeon & Ski Instructor


Top marks for enjoyment, professionalism & personalisation! Bruce has fantastic communication skills & encourages & pushes me. I feel so great at the end of every session!

Gwenan Davies

Highly Recommended!

I came to Bruce with my own personal goal of gaining more muscle and size. He sat me down so that together we could work out how he could help assist my goal with the help of a healthy diet. Bruce gave me a full-on training & nutrition plan...I'm very happy with the results!

Joe Kirby


I love the ski-fit online program. I never thought that you could enjoy exercise at home with your Personal Trainer as if you’re in the gym. I’ll keep using it!!!

Thank you, Bruce, for your support!!!!

Montse Bosch

THE Personal Trainer's Personal Trainer - VERY IMPRESSED!

He has not only improved my fitness, but also identified my muscular imbalances and an ankle alignment issue, which we are now working on together. Bruce's sessions are varied, fun and incredibly challenging. I love how hard I push myself with Bruce!

Elaine Allan Pilates Instructor & Running Coach

Just Brilliant.

Bruce is an excellent trainer with a great eye for correcting form, ensuring you get the most out of the session. He meets every expectation & it's really good to include new core exercises...

Kirsty Martin


Bruce is an awesome PT who I knew would push me. He has a meticulous approach to training so you can feel completely confident that he will get you the results you want.

Nicola Wilkinson Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Bruce is an excellent trainer.

I really enjoy his sessions. He pushes very hard but we have a good laugh at the same time (so the pain doesn't seem so bad!!). Highly recommended!

Lyn Jones


Stoked to be a part of X-Life. Started doing Bruce's HIIT training in Niseko and worked hard for amazing results in 2.5 months. Can't say enough great stuff about it!

Bryan Cleaver

Very Good!

Bruce's friendly yet professional manner really helps him stand out from the crowd. His eye for form & his knowledge helps get maximum reward from each exercise - Love the HIIT sessions!

Emma Williams

My sessions with Bruce are great!! He fills me with confidence and a positive outlook... he's helped me push though barriers that I would never have imagined pushing through on my own. I was extremely impressed with how professional and high-tech he is!

James Hallam Ski Instructor

10/10!! Excellent.

Very tough but enjoyable! Bruce pushed me to my very limit during the 'Insanity' intervals, but he also knew when to back off. He's an amazing PT! Great assisted stretching too...

Lisa Davis


I can't recommend working with Bruce enough. Bruce is a fantastic coach who is incredibly passionate about giving you the foundation you need to live a healthy and injury-free lifestyle. After several months of working with Bruce, I saw noticeable improvements in aerobic fitness, stamina, body composition and flexibility.

Steven Bee


Have just completed 6 weeks worth of PT sessions with Bruce. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Bruce was very professional throughout and managed to push me a bit harder every week, even when I thought I was working to my maximum. 
I have now got a better understanding of healthy eating and an exercise plan that I can do at home.

Jo Eales


Bruce is extremely enthusiastic about training people and getting them to their best. He's knowledgeable, friendly and full of motivation! He's been helping me with my ski fitness, getting ready for the upcoming season and his ski program is great!

Lauren Bibby


Bruce got me back to fitness, in chunks of 20 minutes, with video guidance and lots of direct support. No travelling to a gym, no body shame in front of others, no running or cycling in the dark for hours. I feel amazing! 

Phil Thompson


...run by a lovely and ever enthusiastic Bruce!

Has been amazing as part of my physio program for a broken leg and fractured knee, sustained during my last ski season.

Mikey Shaw Ski Instructor

Friends of X-Life